TED Talk Tuesday: My Green School Dream

How about a TED Talk on PJHM’s favorite subject – SCHOOLS! After selling his jewelry company in 2007, John Hardy and his wife, Cynthia, endowed a thrilling new project: the Green School in Bali. At the Green School, kids learn in open-air classrooms surrounded by acres of gardens that they tend; they learn to build with bamboo; and meanwhile they’re being prepared for traditional British school exams. The green school is international — 20 percent of students are Bali locals, some on scholarship. The centerpiece of the campus is the spiraling Heart of School, which may be called Asia’s largest bamboo building.


Hardy has long been an advocate of the use of bamboo as an alternative to timber for building and reforestation. When running his company, Hardy pioneered a program of sustainable advertising that offset the carbon emissions associated with the yearly corporate print advertising by planting bamboo on the island of Nusa Penida in a cooperative plantation.

“Green School,” says Hardy, “is a place of pioneers, local and global. And it’s a kind of microcosm of the globalized world. The kids are from 25 countries. When I see them together, I know that they’re working out how to live in the future. It’s a school where you do learn reading — one of my favorites — writing — I was bad at it — arithmetic. But you also learn other things. You learn bamboo building. You practice ancient Balinese arts. This is called mud wrestling in the rice fields. The kids love it. The mothers aren’t quite convinced.”

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