PJHM Architects Includes Solar Energy At Beaumont High School

Beaumont High School 2-Story Career Technical Educational Building /
Beaumont Unified School District

PJHM Architects believe that bringing solar energy to schools is an important step to increasing awareness in the entire community about the benefits of using of solar energy. What does Southern California have a lot of? Sunshine! So, it just makes sense for PJHM to design schools in Southern California with photovoltaic (PV) systems.

Designed by school architects PJHM, the new 2-story classroom building is an addition to Beaumont High School, and includes three Career Technical Education (CTE) Construction Arts classrooms, two CTE Culinary Arts classrooms and 16 standard classrooms.  The energy demand in school buildings is significant and concentrated during the daytime, when the energy from the sun can be used to maximum benefit.  PJHM understands the need and benefits of solar energy, not only for electricity generation, but also daylighting. The building features two photovoltaic systems, which generate an estimated 30% of the annual energy use for the new building.  PJHM Architects made one of the photovoltaic systems a strong visual design feature, providing shade for the main stairway to the second floor.  Its prominent location will also generate staff and student interest and will raise awareness about renewable energy systems and “green” building design. Schools are an ideal place to use solar energy and having PV systems on campus allow students to gain firsthand understanding of the benefits of PV, often as a formal addition to science classes.

PJHM Architects also recently completed the new Beaumont High School Theater in early 2011 that will serve not only the students of Beaumont High School, but the entire Beaumont Community. You can check out the Beaumont High School Theater Here.

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