Romoland Middle School Breaks Ground

After years of planning, Romoland School District finally had their groundbreaking ceremony for the new Romoland Middle School. Currently the district does not have a designated middle school. Boulder Ridge, which had been designed and built as a K-8, would be converted into an elementary school and the new middle school campus would help to alleviate crowding in the 3,000+ student district. Enrollment has been growing in recent years, with a 1.6 percent increase from last school year after being up 1 percent in 2010-11.


The new Romoland Middle School project demonstrates 2 important “green” strategies that were designed into the project. First, north-facing exterior walls have generous fenestration to take advantage of daylighting without introducing solar heat gains. Secondly, the sloped roof areas are south facing, making them ideal platforms for roof mounted photovoltaic panels for on-site renewable power generation. This project meets CHPS Design criteria.

 Superintendent Dr. Anthony Rosilez believes the timing is finally right. “As far as construction costs, this is the best time we’ll see,” he said. “Labor and material costs are down. If we are going to need a school within the next 10 years or so, now is the time to build it.”


 The Heritage Lake Development will be home to the new campus, which will be built in phases. The first phase will include three classroom buildings, computer laboratories and a multipurpose room. Phase two would build more classroom buildings and science labs. The scaled-down plan is expected to cost $21 million. “This is definitely doable with the money we have now,” Dr. Rosilez said.



 “This is such an exciting time for Romoland School District,” said Charlene Yarnall, Principal and Facilities Planning Specialist of PJHM Architects. “We began planning this middle school 5 years ago to support the District’s educational goals and we are so happy to finally see this school come to fruition.”

 A name for the new middle school has not yet been selected as the Board has requested additional names be submitted for geographical and/or historical reference to the area.


Some references BY CRAIG SHULTZ 
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