Rim of the World High School Renewable Energy Project


The Rim of the World High School Renewable Energy Project will bring renewable energy to the only high school within the Rim of the World Unified School District. The vision of the project, however, is not to focus on utility cost savings, or achieving a particular percentage of “off-grid” power supply to the school. The focus of the project is to introduce renewable energy as a math and science curriculum piece, with the project construction providing a real-life example and learning tool. The project will provide eight photovoltaic panels and four wind turbines. These pieces will be connected to the site power infrastructure, and real-time performance / output monitoring panels will be installed inside one of the school’s existing science classrooms. The installation will be located at the north edge of the existing main parking lot, adjacent to the existing Performing Arts Center (pictured above). The PV panels and wind turbines will be “ground-mounted” and located to maximize solar exposure and wind exposure.


The location for the “Renewable Energy Farm” was chosen for a number of reasons:

1. Wind Exposure: The site is located on a small ridge, with grades dropping down a hill to the north, and dropping sharply down the mountain on the other side of Highway 18 to the south. Winds are often in the north-south direction. The only nearby structure is to the west, which should not significantly block the turbines from wind exposure

2. Solar Orientation: The site is located roughly along an east-west axis (skewed slightly to the northeast-southwest), providing almost due-south exposure for the PV panels

3. Separate Structure: The PV panels and wind turbines will be built on separate, free standing support structures, not on the roof of any existing buildings. This will simplify the structural design and allow for easier maintenance and access. Project construction will not significantly disrupt any existing classrooms or buildings

4. Visibility: At this location, the wind turbines in particular will be easily seen from the school parking lot and from passers-by on Highway 18


Rim of the World Unified School District / Rim of the World High School

Project Team (PJHM):

Ken Podany, AIA, Project Architect

David Bell, AIA, LEED AP, Project Manager