The Legacy Magnet Academy, part of Tustin Unified School District, is designed to create a campus that establishes interactive collaborative spaces, which implement Technology-Innovation-Design-Entrepreneurship (TIDE). The education experience is no longer confined to classroom walls, students will have the ability to collaborate as groups or study independently, campus wide. The design celebrates the multiple use of one space, capable of accommodating individual, small group, and large group instruction both indoors and outdoors. Academic buildings feature a (4) six-classroom + learning commons academic module consisting of science, math, language arts, elective classrooms. Learning Commons integrate small group study rooms for individualized study. TIDE Classroom and Student Amphitheater offers flexible capacity for C.T.E. instructional space, keynote speakers, academic competitions, large group instruction and student rallies. 

The project site is flanked by two iconic structures, the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Air Station (M.C.A.S.) North and South blimp hangars. The hangars were constructed shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor and have the honor of being the largest wood framed structures ever built. The Legacy Magnet School building design acknowledges and celebrates its historic neighbors with outstanding features such as: All wood-framed-construction entirely clad with aircraft aluminum paneling. Parabolic roof assembly features 30-inch deep three-point hinged glued-laminated timber arches. Open air trellis assemblies feature parabolically curved/interlaced hollow structural steel with circular cross-sections. Longitudinal panelized insulated transparent skylight systems pay tribute to the M.C.A.S. hanger design. 


Phase 1: Administration and Classroom Building A – Completion Date: 2020
Phase 2: Gymnasium – Completion Date: 2024


Learning by Design Magazine Awards

- Spring 2022 Outstanding Project