PJHM Holiday Party 2011

‘Twas the day before the party and all through our new place

Not a PJHMer could wait – not even Jake

Their party outfits were hung in their closets with care

In hopes to show their coworkers that jeans is not all they wear

The new folks did not know what to think

When they arrived at Broadway and were handed a drink

Char’s son Ricky created signature libations

One called a Daisy, the other, an Aviation

They mingled and jingled all happy hour long

Then just before dinner appeared Daniel Hong

Tena’s voice rang out like holiday bells

“Everyone take a seat! don’t make me yell!”

Orders were taken and dinner was served

Gifts were given to those who deserved

“We bought you presents, and gave them away”

The office made donations in the partners names

After dessert, the tables were cleared

There was still enough time for one last cheer

What a wonderful night, for both the old and the new

“Wait, its only 10 o’clock! Off to the Saloon!”


(written by Bailey Gesiriech)

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