PJHM Halloween 2014

PJHM Celebrates Halloween 2014
It was a pretty festive Halloween here at PJHM Architects. We all dressed up in our best and most frightening costumes for a contest in our Laguna Hills, CA, office. OK…maybe not frightening, but definitely creative!  A smurf, a bizarro Clark Kent, a live dispensing candy machine, a clone, a phantom and even a teletubbie – we had it all.

Our morning started just like any other day:

IMG_5150 copy

Tom Scott Ken 1

Anson Ken

Scott Chelsea Jackie

And then it got spooky:

Luckily, there was pizza and all was well:

IMG_9354Tom 2

And the winners of our Halloween Costume Contest? Bloody Holly and Ken Clone.

costume winners

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