PJHM Golfs for Charity

This Saturday, while on the golf course for the HUSD Hemet Education Foundation, I remembered a regret from my childhood.  It was my 11th birthday and my father asked if I wanted a set of golf clubs and lessons.  I responded with a resounding, “No way, golf is for old fat dudes!”

Now that I am an “Old fat dude” I wish I would have taken my father up on his offer.  I am sure my teamates wished that I had too.  I strongly believe that golf should be taught in architectural and business programs.  97% of executives view golf with a business associate as a way to establish a close relationship and 45% say clients are more likely to give you their business if you golf together.

But, golf is more than just business deals and a “walk in the park, ruined by a little white ball (Mark Twain).”  It is an opportunity to give back to clients and have some fun through charity tournaments.  It is also a time to get out of the office or off the job site and meet the people we service.  On the tenth hole, I was able to talk with a principal within the Hemet Unified School District.  Instead of just architectural and construction talk, I was able to hear first hand the state of schools in the district from someone on the front lines.  He put into perspective why we do what we do…PJHM provides superior learning environments for children.  There were hundreds of people golfing and volunteering and it was truly all for the children.  The principal actually thanked me for the work we do for his district.  His thank you meant the world to me.

The proceeds from the tournament will go to support scholarships for HUSD graduating seniors and for K-12 fine arts programs in the district schools.  PJHM contributes, on average, to four charity golf tournaments a year.  I have learned that not only is golf an excellent place to network and to build relationships with clients and prospects, but to contribute to worthy causes.  Now more than ever, school districts need every cent to keep programs running and available to students. I think I can speak for Tena, Dan and Chris when I say we were more than happy to be a part of this wonderful charity event.

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