PJHM Goes Walking: The Los Angeles Art District

Artists. Buildings. Businesses. Industrial. Entrepreneurial. Creative. Beer.

Loft-style apartments and condos in restored industrial buildings dot the landscape of the Los Angeles Art District. Creatives of all ages and ethnicities walk the streets, but I noticed one thing tying them all together. Their hands. Every hand I saw told an artistic tale. Some covered in dried acrylic, some in wallpaper paste. The photographers have silver nitrate stains. The graffiti artists…Molotow Ink.

Along with all the inspired visionaries and eclectic shops + galleries, the Art District is still home to a major rail yard, cold storage, warehouses, food processing, government facilities and film locations. And, it is home to the prominent Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc). No building has been left unaltered by an artist, which makes walking around this part of town candy for the eyes.

And after a hot day of walking around there was only one thing left to do: have a Blanche De Bruxelles at Wurstküche.

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