Pinacate Middle School opened in August, 1987. The school was originally designed to accommodate 700 seventh and eighth grade students. Steady and consistent growth within the area has pushed student population to more than 1,300. Over the past three years, students, staff, parents and community members have joined together to analyze Pinacate’s existing facilities, and have helped to create a long-range plan for the expansion and improvement of Pinacate Middle School.

To accommodate the ongoing increases to student enrollment, 32 portable classrooms have been added to the campus over the past 23 years. As a result, significant challenges exist with the daily supervision of students, and the degree of campus overcrowding has created a less than optimal teaching and learning environment for students and teachers.

Phase Two of the community developed Pinacate Expansion Plan will focus on improvements within the existing main building on the campus. Pinacate’s main building will be modified and expanded to include five new classrooms, new kitchen facilities, a new resource area, a new outdoor lunch shelter, and the existing multipurpose room and restrooms will be modernized, upgraded and expanded.

Dr. Jonathan Greenberg, Superintendent
From Left: Tom Kruse, PJHM Principal + Architect; Dru Morgan, Principal of Pinacate Middle School; Charles Newman, Former Principal of Pinacate Middle School; Charlene Yarnall, PJHM Principal
From Left: Hector Gonzales, Supervisor of Maintenance & Operations; Art Fritz, Director of Maintenance Operations & Transportation; Candace Reines, Assistant Superintendent Business Services

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