Happy Holidays From PJHM Architects

Happy Holidays From PJHM Architects

Every year, the team at PJHM Architects feels blessed and thankful for the generosity of our Principals. Besides working for the best architecture firm in Orange County and San Diego, there is always something special you can expect around the holidays:

  • There is always a fantastic party
  • There is always a gift for all employees
  • There is always extra time off for everyone to spend the holidays with loved ones.

Yup…It’s pretty sweet. So what do you get Ken, Char, Leo, and Tom in return? We used to scratch our heads every  year, trying to come up with an extraordinary gift idea for each of them. And not to say that we usually fell short, but sometimes it just didn’t feel as special as what they do for all of us.

In 2011, we decided to try something different. Instead of giving a gift to the partners, we gave a gift in their names. This will be our third year keeping with the new tradition.

As school architects, we have clients all throughout California. Every District is uniquely special, as are the children that attend those amazing schools. We decided to pick two charities within some of those School Districts that PJHM serves for this years’ gift. The first was It’s All About The Kids, located in San Diego, Ca. It’s All About the Kids Foundation is a non-profit organization that creates new and innovative programs to benefit children’s charities and enhance the lives of less fortunate children and their families.

The next was the Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach, Ca. Books, magazines and toys all help the patients pass time during their recovery and allows them the simple enjoyment being a kid. The Child Life Program at Miller Children’s is always in need of these special items to help children cope with hospitalization, especially during the holiday season.

Happy Holidays from PJHM Architects

The PJHM Holiday Elves got to work. Some shopped, some delivered.

Everyone felt good.

From the bottom of our hearts, we wish everyone a great holiday season and a Happy New Year!  Please have safe travels and joyous celebrations.

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