Acrobat Pro 9.5 Tips and Tricks

This presentation has been a long time coming and will need to be updated once we upgrade the latest version. These are quick and easy tips that are important to our everyday work and can save you time and frustration.

How to build a PDF from multiple PDFs

The navigation panel.
Show delete from the pages panel.
Show drag and drop in the pages panel.
Show extract from the pages panel.
Show move in the pages panel.
Show how to get the pages panel back if you close it or drag it out

The Bookmarks Panel
The bookmarks panel works similarly to the pages panel.
The best part is by building a PDF from multiple PDFs the titles are kept from those original files and saved as bookmarks. Super handy on spec sections. Take a look at this example (done during presentation).

OCR function on the printer and in Acrobat.
How to Activate OCR on the Xerox 7675
Xerox OCR PDF Example File
This same result can also be accomplished in acrobat (done during presentation).

Typewriter function

Commenting funtions

Signature/stamp function
This is located on Tools -> Comment and Mark-Up -> Stamps.
There are lots of great stamp here by default but you can also create your own stamps. I have one that is my signature. Be careful, these can be copied and pasted from document to document.

Protected Files
This is located under File -> Properties. A window will open and you will need to select security. There is a drop down menu where you can select the Security Method. If you select Password Security you will be able to add a password to the file giving you protection from prying eyes.

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