Hello, my name is Ruben, and I am currently enjoying my status as the  “new guy” here at PJHM Architects. A bit about me, I was born in Mexico City but my family made the move to the US when I was about three, so I was pretty much raised in Southern California or Burbank to be more exact. And most recently I have moved down here to Orange County and I am getting to know the area little by little.

Like my good friend and fellow co-worker Jeffrey, I just recently graduated from SCI-Arc where I received my B.Arch. I am very excited to be joining the office here, everyone has been very welcoming from day one.  Among the things that I found most appealing about PJHM is the fact that it specializes in Educational and Civic Projects. I’ve always believed that Architecture has a large and constant influence on society, and to be part of a Firm like PJHM Architects, one that focuses on projects that are so important to the community such as schools, is something that I find very rewarding and challenging at the same time.

I have also become a big fan of the Co-labs and Lunch and Learns since I’ve been here, and noticed that there are a lot of sports enthusiasts in the office, and have been witness to some amazing feats of athleticism at the ping pong table and dart board. I myself am a huge soccer fan, and ever since I found out that they show soccer match’s down at the little Mexican food restaurant in the Plaza, I will often go there during lunch when my team is playing, but now that the season is ending I’m hoping to start following a new sport, so any suggestions would be welcome.

And finally on a more personal note, I am very great full to my family and friends for the support they gave me while I was going through school but especially to my Dad who gave up his own career in Architecture when we moved to California in order to give us a better life here in the States, I am proud to be following in his footsteps and look forward to a prosperous career here at PJHM and learning as much as I can from those around me.


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