{Editors Note: Welcome to the first of our new series, PJHM SPOTLIGHT, where we will spend some time with an amazing member of our team! And what better way to kick it off? Throw the new guy under the bus and make him write about himself! He has only been here a few weeks, so let’s all give a warm welcome to Jeffrey Kuruvilla!}

This past month I was excited to join the PJHM team. As someone who’s grown up in the area, I’m grateful to start my career in familiar settings. My educational path stems from the Irvine Unified School District where I attended Irvine High School, and most recently, the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) where I completed my B.Arch this year. I appreciate the foundation of curiosity those programs set and of the now unique transition into PJHM over these past few weeks. This distinctiveness is due in part to the diligent yet eased working environment, wise lunch recommendations of co-workers, and impromptu office meetings here and there. Qualities like these have made the introduction simple, and definitely had me reeling to sharpen my wit.
Being in a firm like this, invested in educational and community-based program, also provides a connection to my values as a student of architecture. My tendencies in creating have always leaned on contextual significance to a site. As my novice self learns the vast coordinative efforts to make concepts realities, I am eager to take in each individual’s expertise here at PJHM of bringing the most to a project. I look forward to understanding the procedures of how facilities can maintain the longevity, engagement, and innovation for future generations as well as the nitty-gritty stuff it takes to get there.

Fuji Kindergarten, Tezuka Architects
Sandal Magna Primary School, Sarah Wigglesworth Architects
Vienna University Concept Drawing – CRAB Studio

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